Adapt today’s data, enable tomorrow’s AI world.

We believe that the world of the future is a world full of AI applications. We want Data Science to be comprehensive. We transfer data into valuable Artificial Intelligence.

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Alpha Intelligence AI ECOSYSTEM

Our core technology: Building an ecosystem, creating an AI application circle, and using data as a connector to connect users, data, and talent. Our mechanism will optimize the process, the decision-making process, and the overall performance of customers.

Why Alpha Intelligence

Start your first AI step with us! Our techniques help our partners to work with AI applications without having an engineering background.

  • Performance-focused

    We aim for your benefit as our benefit. Your goal is the goal of our AI. We can help you work efficiently and realize your real value.

  • Fast, Simple, and effective.

    We are experienced in data collection, data analysis and data application, so our partners can achieve Artificial Intelligence with the lowest barrier to entry.

  • Automation

    Let the AI do your work! - All processes are automated with our artificial intelligence application and efficiency is highly guaranteed.

  • Our AI-Powered Products

    All of our products generate additional revenue or cost savings while improving the eCommerce experience for your customers.


    Loan comparison


    Financial product comparison


    Automated KYC system
    with alternative data


    Risk assessment with
    AI algorisms through
    alternative data


    Drive financial innovations

    Trusted by the world’s most credible companies

    Learn how our customers use Alpha Intelligence to accelerate impact

    Citi Bank

    Offer exclusive channel discounts to Fincake users and analyze data to maximize benefits


    Through AlphaLoan & Fincake data, the benefits of the product are efficiently and tailor-made to the users, increasing the conversion rate

    Standard Chartered

    Co-launched "Alpha Express Loan" with AlphaLoan to optimize user experience.

    Puyong Archiland

    Integrate Alpha Intelligence's data and analysis technology to provide customers with more digital services and improve satisfaction


    Combine AlphaKYC's API to provide a faster and more convenient user experience


    Nt 100k is a platform using CreditOne's data science technology, which creates an automated end-to-end loan experience

    We power FinTech solutions with AI to help you make faster, smarter decisions and enable change at scale

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